We offer services on a flat fee basis customized to what you need and value most. Portfolio size is not part of the pricing equation.

Flat Fees vs. Percentage of Portfolio Size

  • Flat fees are transparent: When a percentage fee is applied to a bundled set of services, it's difficult to understand how much is being charged for each service to determine if the fee is reasonable or competitive.
  • Flat fees are equitable: A percentage fee results in a higher net worth client paying a multiple of the fees charged to a lower net worth client for similar work. In other words, larger AUM clients subsidize smaller AUM clients...
  • Flat fees are consistent with the fiduciary standard: Loyalty requires that fiduciaries put the best interests of clients first. A percentage fee is in the advisor's best interest, but may not be in the client's best interest, because it's an incentive to gather and retain assets under management (AUM) above all else. A conflict arises when a decrease in AUM is the appropriate advice. Examples include charitable contributions, estate planning gifts, outside investment opportunities, paying off debt, higher withdrawal rates, etc. Therefore, the argument that an asset-based fee aligns advisor interest with client interest has no merit.
  • Flat fees are simple: A percentage fee require recalculation every invoicing period and is difficult to forecast.
  • Flat fees allow for customization: A percentage fee promotes rigid bundles.
  • Flat fees are direct: A percentage fee is a variable fee loosely tied to a fixed service.


Retainer Engagements - Annual Fee*

  • Personal CFO: $10,000 to $50,000
  • Investment Management: $6,000 to $10,000
  • Income Tax: $1,500 to $6,000

*Typical fee range depending on complexity and/or customization.

Initial Planning - One-Time Fee

  • Investment Plan: $1,500
  • Income Tax Plan: $1,500
  • Financial Plan: $3,000
  • Comprehensive Investment, Tax, and Financial Plan: $5,000






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